What is an Aura

Aura is a sort of energy field that surrounds every object in the universe; humans, organisms, animals and even objects have an aura. It was also known as an electromagnetic field or some people call it Human Energy Field that covers the human physical body. The auras that our body emit have different densities that enter and exit through the body and this energy is often in an oval shape (therefore it is called an auric egg). It surrounds us in all directions.

Some people can see auras and some people can’t, but whether it is magical, physical or mystical, auras are a part of everyone. It is said that children are very good at seeing and experiencing the aura. A healthy person will usually have an aura that covers his or her whole body, from above the head to below the feet. An aura is made of seven interrelated layers and each layer has distinct and unique frequencies. These layers interact and relay information between human body through its seven chakra energy centers, as well as the immediate external environment. The energies from the chakras produce the auras.

Each of the layers relates to the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional conditions of an individual. Energetic vibrations of our feelings, thoughts, awareness, state of health and past experiences are stored in our different aura layers. The outermost layer of an aura’s energy field could extend anywhere from 5 – 7 feet from a person’s body, depending on his overall health and well-being. Spiritual, emotional and physical health affect the size of the aura.

Seven Layers of the Aura

seven layers of the aura


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