The Fifth Chakra

The Throat Chakra

the fifth chakra symbol meaningThe fifth chakra is called as the throat chakra. This sapphire-blue, expressive chakra is situated right above the hollow at the base of our neck. As we enter the fifth chakra, we are actually crossing deeper into the realms of mind and spirit. This is the first of the seven chakras that focuses primarily on the spiritual plane. It is associated with the color sky blue and is symbolized by the human race. The Sanskrit word for the 5th chakra is “Vishuddha” meaning “purity”. It processes the communication from the body and the spirit, and transmits it to the world.

This is the center of communication, when our fifth chakra is open, we will have a powerful desire to talk about what we are experiencing. This chakra is also our will center. It is also the center of our psychic ability of clairaudience – the ability to hear disembodied messages or voices from the spirit world. To successfully reach and open our throat chakra, our body must attain a certain level of purification.

the throat chakra healing

This chakra can also help us with our meditation to connect us to our higher guidance. This chakra influences communication, artistic expression, dreaming, self belief, truthfulness, clairaudience and out of body experiences. Area of body governed by this chakra are mouth, gums, teeth, throat, trachea, thyroid, neck vertebrae, esophagus, hyperthalemus, and parathyroid.

Healthfulness of this chakra is in relation to how honestly we express ourselves. Lying violates the body and spirit. Even choosing not to make a choice such as not speaking out (repressing our anger) may manifest into laryngitis.

Excessive energy in the 5th chakra can cause excessive talking, overactive thyroid, inability to listen and hearing problems. It can also make us inflexible, egotistical, dominating, bigheaded, causing us to have a self righteous attitude. On the other hand, deficient energy in the 5th chakra can cause us to be nervous, tending to keep our thoughts to our self, frightened causing introversion and opposing any kind of change. It can also cause shoulder and neck problems, throat problems, jaw disorders, a fear of speaking, communication problems and an under active thyroid.

In order to balance the throat chakra, we can listen to good music or music that we like, sing, hum, chant, take a walk and look at the wonderful blue sky and breathe consciously. Gemstones that stimulate, cleanse and energize this throat chakra are aquamarine, turquoise, blue topaz, blue opal, lapis lazuli, chalcedony and chrysocola. Flower essences that stimulate, cleanse and energize this chakra are larch, trumpet vine and cosmos.



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