The Second Chakra

The Sacral Plexus Chakra

the sacral plexus chakraThe second chakra is also called as the sacral plexus chakra, sexual chakra or spleen chakra. This orange, receptive chakra is located just below the navel, in the center of our body. The second chakra has a slightly higher vibration than the root chakra (the first chakra) and is associated with the color orange, represented by the element of water and is symbolized by a fish.

The second chakra is the chakra of sexuality, sensuality, procreation and pleasure. This chakra is also the source of creativity and emotions. Being the foundation of the emotional body, this chakra will influence your ability to feel emotions, sensations and atmospheres, as well as to control your ability to let go of your emotions. When this chakra is unblocked, it allows for the free flow of sensual, emotional and creative energy throughout our body. This chakra connects us to others through feeling, sensation, desire, and movement. For those who grew up in an environment where emotions were denied or repressed, this chakra may be deficient.

the swadhisthana chakra healing

Area of body governed by this chakra is stomach, sexual organs, liver, kidney, gallbladder, upper intestines, pancreas, spleen, middle spine and adrenal glands. When this chakra is not working correctly, then the areas of body that i have just mentioned would also get badly affected. Other problems may include pelvic pain, urinary problems, low back pain, bladder infections, frigidility or impotence and problems with fertility and reproductive organs.

When the second chakra is working properly, we will feel healthy, compassinate, friendly, concerned for others, imaginative, intuitive, open, and creative. When sacral plexus chakra has too much energy flowing through it, we could become emotionally explosive, overly ambitious, manipulative, jealous, self-centered, cold, distrusting, sexual addiction and tend to see people as sex objects. Excessiveness can be caused by living in a place or environment where there is a constant need for plaesurable stimulation such as partying or entertaining. When there is little energy flowing through this chakra, you may become shy, timid, burdened by guilt, overly sensitive, uncertain, confused and immobilized by fear.

You can help to balance the sacral plexus chakra by laughing, move your hips, dancing, expressing your creativity, and having a good time with your friends. Gemstones that cleanse, stimulate and energize this chakra is orange tourmaline, moonstone, tiger’s eye, carnelian, coral, amber, gold, citrine, calcite, gold topaz and peach aventurine. Flower essences that stimulate, energize and cleanse this chakra is hibiscus, lady’s slipper and Indian paintbrush.



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