Indigo and Crystal Children

Facts about Crystal and Indigo Child

indigo and crystal children factsChildren who have a crystal-colored aura are called as crystal children. The crystal and indigo children that come to this planet are called as “star children”. The indigo kids were so named also because of their distinctive indigo aura life color (the color of the third eye chakra). Crystal and indigo children are claimed to be more spiritually evolved at birth than other children. They are highly intuitive, sensitive and psychic, and have important life purposes. They are clairvoyant, they see angels and spirit guides and many of them also feel and see the future.

The difference between crystals and indigos lies in their auras and their vibrational energies - indigos have a lower frequency than crystals. Crystal children are very warm and caring but dont mistake this as a sign of their weakness as they are also very powerful. They are more sensitive to environmental pollutants than indigo's. These children are also said to be fascinated by crystals and rocks.

Many people believe that crystal/indigo phenomenon is our next step in evolution as a human species. They are here to show us how to become like them. The indigo children have been incarnating on our earth for about 100 years. A significant number of these children were born after World War 2 – and they are the indigo adults of today. However, a large increase in indigo births began in 1970s and now we have a whole generation of these ‘special people’ who are in their early thirties and late twenties. The first crystal children were born around the year 2000.

Spontaneous unconditional love and psychic healing abilities are one of the traits from these children. Indigo adults and children could become crystal if they develop their spirituality. And yes, all of us also have the potential to develop our crystal aura, its only that those with an indigo aura have a shorter path to follow to achieve this. Crystal children are said to be very peaceful, even-tempered and forgiving, while indigo children have more of a warrior spirit.

Another phenomenon associated with crystal children or children that are incredibly psychic is delayed speech patterns. It is very common if you see crystal children that dont really speak until they reach 3 or 4 years old. This is because they like to communicate with their minds instead of talking with each other. These children may sing, make specific sounds or use sign language to communicate. The first thing that many people notice about them is their large, penetrating eyes. The eyes lock on and hypnotize you, somehow that your soul is being laid bare for them to see. They are also wise beyond their years.

It is important to note that crystal children know what is in your heart and mind, this is why you wont be able to lie or hide anything from them. They are incredibly sensitive, which stems from the ability to feel universal consciousness. They are in touch with angels, fairies and multidimensional cosmic beings. Many of their mothers became clairvoyant too while pregnant. If you are the parent of a crystal or indigo child, your role is to help them reflect peace, harmony and oneness into the universe. Many of these children also know how to heal people.

The rainbow children are the third generation of these special children. They are generally born in the year 2000 and above. A few of them might also came to earth before 2000. Rainbow children are psychic and they have the ability to read people’s feelings. This special gift is revealed when they grow older. They are also known to be natural healers.



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