How to See Your Own Aura

Many people believe that the aura colors represent different things and those who can see them enable them to manipulate energy fields for better stability and health. The interesting thing is that we dont actually need to be psychic to see auras, we can train ourselves to do it and with practice, all of us can determine the color of your own energy field.

how to see my aura color

One of the easiest way to learn to see someone’s or your own aura is to sit or stand several feet away from a mirror, or ask the person to stand in front of a softly illuminated plain white background. Make sure the light is soft, not dim, but good soft light. If that is too troublesome, you can see your own aura between your index fingers. You need to relax, concentrate and believe that you can see it. The aura is particularly easy to see around the head, hands and shoulders.

human aura photography equipmentNow focus your attention at an outlining spot on your fingers, head or body (choose one spot to look at). Look at that spot for about 30 – 60 seconds or longer. Glasses do not need to be removed by anyone. At first, you might see a transparent or white thin image around the body. Resist temptation to look around. You can blink if you need to. Blink normally and quickly without changing focus. If you remain focused you may see the white or transparent image expanding and eventually become a noticeable color. See how far you can extend your aura. Remember, concentration on one spot will increase our sensitivity by accumulating the effect of the aura vibration reaching our eyes. The longer we concentrate, the better we will see it.

Practice for about 10 to 15 minutes every day to increase sensitivity and develop your auric sight. Some people can see the aura in thier first try while others may need a few days. But you will eventually see something – like a mist, smoke or fog around parts of your body. With time, the aura will become clearer and easier to perceive. The brightness of your aura has a lot to do with how we feel. If a person is happy and full of life then his/her life is brighter, larger and stronger. Some people’s auras are also easier to see than others.

Once we are able to see the colors of our own aura, we have opened the door to a greater understanding of ourselves and those around us. Typically, the main colors in an aura are greens, blues, reds and yellows.



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