How to Clean and Strengthen Your Aura

A person’s aura is his or her energy field. Each of us has a unique aura that reflects our condition. Our aura is controlled by how we feel. In its pure state, it can be found humming along beautifully with a nice clean color. If we are feeling happy or positive about life, our aura will be bright, full of light and very easy to see. If we are sick, feeling depressed, our aura can become weak and small and thus very hard to see.

When you feel your energy being drained or suddenly you become tired, it may be because your energy is being pulled out or leaking out from your system. This can happen after you have finished talking to someone (face to face or on the phone), this is why you always feel exhausted after that. Some individuals draw or suck off the energy of others – although they do not realize that. In many cases, your energies is used to supplement their own rather than to build up their own. There is also a possibility that the person you meet has negative energy or he/she is transferring some of his/her unhappiness onto you.

how to protect your aura

How to Protect Your Aura




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