Hand Chakras

In the center of each of our palms are our hand chakras. These chakras can be both expressive and receptive. They transmit healing energy and receive energetic information from the universe. Our hand chakras are connected to our heart chakra, and their general condition shows where we are in our ability to give, receive, and create in the world. They are amazing manifestation tools which when opened we can channel angels, spirit guides, ascended masters, deceased loved ones, nature spirits, elementals etc.. through them.

Our palm chakras can be used to channel healing energies to ourselves and others as well as to receive impressions of the energy of a person, room, situation, etc. When our heart and hands are connected properly, the outer flow of heart-chakra (fourth chakra) energy can be controlled by our hands. For those of you who have healthy hand chakras can actually translate the information of your healthy chakra system out into the world. They can also receive help, gifts, compliments and loving advice, without losing their center. All of these things are given without creating guilt, indebtedness, or recriminations.

The sending function can be used to send healing energy, room clearing, charging objects such as crystals and as a channel for various energy purposes such as for blessing, thankfulness and protection. While it is possible to raise and use our own personal energy for healing this can be draining.

To experience what a chakra feels like you can try this exercise:

Sit comfortably with both of your hands pushed straight out in front, elbow straight. Turn one palm upward and one palm down. With repeated motions, quickly open and close your fists as fast as you can. Now switch the positions of the palms and repeat until your hands are tired.

You can now drop your arms, open your fists and slowly bring your palms together, moving them together and out again. You should be able to feel a ball of energy between the hands, and if you concentrate and sensitive enough you can also feel the spinning. These are what they call hand chakras, a smaller version of our spinal chakras.

We can also stimulate our hand chakras by rubbing both of our hands together vigorously, allowing our hands to hang freely. We will then be able to aware of our heart chakra energy flowing into our hands. Healthy hand chakras allow us to receive and give positive energy without negative attachments.

How to open our hand chakras:

Imagine the color white moving down from the top of our head and down thruogh our shoulders, elbows and wrists and into our hands. Now imagine growing a ball of positive energy between our hands. Keep pulling down the white bright light down through the hands. As we use our intention imagine the ball of light growin getting bigger and bigger until it extends to the extremities of our aura. This will not only open our hand chakras but will also clear and clean our aura as well.



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