How to Open or Activate Your Chakras

The chakras are energy centers within and around the body. Each chakra is linked to personality traits. Having your chakras properly opened and in balance results in good mental, emotional and spiritual health. Some of people’s chakras are usually not open all the way, it means that they operate just like when they were born. Some of them are also over-active and some are even near closed. Many people’s chakras also flicker, slightly out of alignment, blocked and some of them can even be seen with the wrong color in them.

There are a few different methods we can try to open our chakras and meditation and yoga exercises are the two most common ones. Understand that if we are opening our chakras, there is no need to try to make our over-active chakras become less active. Once all of our chakras are opened, the energy evens out and becomes balanced. When learning how to open your chakras, it is important to start with your first chakra (Root Chakra). To enhance the effect, certain sounds are chanted. These sounds are from Sanskrit letters.

The Root Chakra
how to open your first chakraBeing the foundation of the whole chakra system, the root chakra is a good one to start. Just like when you build a house, you need to start at the bottom. If you feel uncomfortable in many situations, tend to be nervous or fearful, easily feel unwelcome and you dont trust people around you for no reason, then your root chakra is probably under-active.

To activate it, you should do yoga, do some manual house-cleaning or walk around the block. Connect yourself with the ground. Other method is to allow the tips of your index finger and your thumb touch, after that concentrate on the Root chakra and chant the sound “LAM”.

The Sacral Chakra
how to open your second chakraIf you tend to be impassive or unemotional, and are not very open to people around you then your second chakra is probably under-active.

To activate it, put both of your hands in your lap, palms up and on top of each other. Make sure your left hand is placed underneath with its palm touching the back of the fingers of your right hand. Let the tips of the thumbs touch. Now concentrate on the third chakra (Sakral chakra) and chant the sound “VAM”.

The Navel Chakra
how to open your chakrasWhen your navel chakra is under-active, you can be very indecisive and passive. Put your hands slightly below your solar plexus, before your stomach. Let the fingers join at the tips but all pointing away from you. Cross your thumbs and straighten your fingers. Now concentrate on your navel chakra and chant the sound “RAM”.

The Heart Chakra
This chakra is all about love and caring. If it is under-active, you can be very unfriendly and cold. Let the tips of your thumb and index finger touch on both hands. Place your right hand in front of your lower part of breastbone and place your left hand on your left knee. Now concentrate on your Heart Chakra and chant the sound “YAM”.

The Throat Chakra
how to activate your chakrasWhen this chakra is under-active, you tend to be shy and do not speak so much. If you lie often, then the throat chakra is probably being blocked. To open this chakra, cross your fingers on the inside of the hands, without the thumbs. Let your thumbs touch at the tops and pull them slightly up. Now concentrate on your fifth chakra (Throat Chakra) and chant the sound “HAM”.

The Third Eye Chakra
how to open your third eye chakraFor those who like to look up to other people to think for you, feel confused easily and relying on beliefs too often, then your sixth chakra is probably under-active. To open the Third Eye Chakra, place your hands before your lower part of the breast. Make your middle fingers straight and touch at the tops, but pointing forward. The rest of the fingers are bended and touch at the upper two phalanges. Your thumbs should point towards you and touch at the tops. Now concentrate on your sixth chakra and chant the sound “OM” or “AUM”.

The Crown Chakra
how to open your seven chakrasFor those who are not very spiritual and quite rigid in their thoughts then your crown chakra is probably under-active. To open your eight chakra, lay your hands before your stomach. Let your little fingers pointing up but away from you and touching at their tops. Cross the rest of your fingers with the left thumb underneath the right. Now concentrate on your Crown Chakra and chant the sound “NG”.
WARNING: meditation for the Crown Chakra is not recommended if your first chakra (Root Chakra) is not open or strong.



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