How to Ground Yourself of Negative Energy

Grounding For Healing

Grounding is a process that helps your body to connect to earth energies via your root chakra. There are resources and sustaining energies available for all of us if we align our bodies with the earth. Grounding technique is simple, easy and profound to help us “ground” our energy field and aura. The feet chakras and base of the spine (our root chakra) help us to stay grounded and earthed. The chakras in the soles of our feet absorbs energy from Mother Earth. Grounding is typically done through visualization or vibrational exercises.

We can connect our bodies with the earth in many ways – through eating, through touch and body work, through contact with animals, through being out in nature or in water, and through healthy sex. Those of you who have ever been light-headed from hunger and you felt a sigh of contentment when you fed your body with a perfect meal, then you have actually experienced grounding. The same thing happen if you have ever had a good back rub from a trusted person at the end of your stress-filled week. Anything that brings us back to the present, back to a sense of release and pleasure is grounding.

People who are naturally grounded are earthy, centered and always at home in their bodies, whereas people who are not grounded tend to be unsettled, unfocused, stress-filled and heavily invested in controlling everything around them.

When you practice healing, it is important for your body energies to be grounded and earthed in order to create a complete circuit for healing and boosting energies. When sitting, make sure your feet are touching the ground, floor or earth at all times. This is done so that the spiritual can be brought into the physical and earth harmful or negative energies into the ground for transmutation.

how to ground yourself for energy healingOne of the most favorite ways to ground ourselves is to visualize a cord from the base of our spine (the root chakra) going deep inside the earth or/and visualize roots from our feet spreading into the earth. Let them grow deep and anchor our soles into the earth. Before doing this, sit in a comfortable position with both of your feet planted on the ground and breathe deeply a few times.

The cord can be the same diameter (or slightly smaller) than your chakra. If you dont like the cord, throw it away, drop it, or make it vanish and create a new one. Choose a bright color for your cord such as yellow, orange or blue, it doesnt have to be red even though your root chakra is. Your cord should be securely anchored at both ends and there shuold be a constant downward flow so that it can be used as a cleansing tool. Examine the connection closely, make sure that there are no holes, breaks, tears or leaks and the cord is securely fastened.

Now imagine that all foreign energy (belonging to other people, thoughts, sources) or negative thoughts/feelings are personified in our body by a color (it can be any color you want). Then imagine all this negative energy in our body is being sucked down through the cord and into the center of the earth where it is then cleansed by the heat and plasma. Destroy the cord or make it vanish immediately once the negative energy is being released.



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