How to Close Your Aura to Prevent Energy Drain

Our aura is not a closed system, it is continuously exchanging energy with everything around it. Our energy also moves and shifts with mood changes, strong thoughts and interactions with other people, plants and animals, as well as minerals and crystals.

One fact that you may need to know that some people can actually steal your energy from your aura, and you realize this when you feel exhausted or tired after spending a few minutes with that person, or even after talking to him/her on the phone. But you cannot blame these people as they may not even know that they are energy suckers and by keep avoiding them is also not a good idea as they will think you are strange or even crazy. In many cases, these energy suckers are using other people’s energies to supplement thier own rather than building up their own. As a result, they feel better after they finish talking with you or being with you.

All of us have experienced being drained by an-other person. Fortunately, there are simple ways you can try to stop the flow of your energy – close your aura. Closing our aura, or the circuit of our life energy, can be done by crossing our legs at the ankles as well as touching our finger tips together so that they form a closed circuit (You can actually use only your index fingers and thumbs if you want). There are current of energy flowing through our body and around it within the auric field. In order to let our energies circulate only around our own auric field and throughout our body we can close them down.

How to Prevent Psychic Attack

The symptoms of psychic attack are emotional disturbances, confusion, weakness, headache and irritability. They come on suddenly and inexplicably, and if it is left unchecked, they can grow in duration and strength and eventually will lead to more severe consequences. A psychic attack is a focused mass of harmful or negative thought energy that is directed at a specific target. It goes beyond mere ill-wishing or feelings of jealuosy that someone may feel towards you.

how to prevent psychic attack

One of the simple methods you can try in order to counter this attack is that we can visualize ourselves being surrounded by a strong protective layer of bright light. Our physical mind can be taught to build or reshape spiritual energy form into a psychic shield, a strong protective bubble which does not allow bad or negative energy to reach our inner core of the soul.

The physical act of closing our hands has the effect of closing our energy circuit but still remaining connected to the energy of the universe. They believe that the combination of closing our life energy circuit and creating a strong protective aura shield is one of the most powerful tools available for combating a psychic attack. Using this way we are not only defend our spiritual self, but also send that harmful energy back to its origin.

Other tips to heal your energies, protect yourself, cleanse your aura and make your day much better:

When you take a shower, let the water run off your skin and say:
Let this water penetrate my energy system, my aura, my mind and soul. May it wash away all discord, imbalances, disharmony, attachments, illness and evil. Cleanse every color of my aura so they will shine so brightly and become a strong barrier of reflective colors that nothing can penetrate. Let my aura be filled with divine energy and protects me by shielding all my chakras with a strong barrier that only the divine can pass, it also sends out spikes so negativity can not attach to worry me, harm me, or drain me.



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