Foot Chakra

Feet are the most vulnerable part of your body that have roots into the earth. For those who often feel ungrounded, unearthed, have trouble keeping focused on anything you try to accomplish, tripping often on bumps in what you thuoght was a flat ground, have a hard time waking up early in the morning and coming fully into your body, like to think of yourself as clumsy, easily get ‘spaced out’ during meditation or other spiritual pursuits, then your foot chakra is probably on the fritz.

Our foot chakra is what grounds us to the earth and helps us in this, our physical life experience. When our foot chakra is weak or closed, we will tend to find this physical ‘reality’ quite challenging. The foot chakra is usually broad and flat. Although we have two feet, each of us have just one foot chakra – this energy has two focal points, one at each foot. In a physical sense, our foot chakra is actually a split energy center and each half of this center is sitting in the ball of each foot.

Being the last point at which the energy is part of us, the foot chakra is considered as an important center where the divine energy returns back to the Source. These energy points can also act as our energy transformers; regulating the quantity and intensity of these energy flows as well as to decide whether to allow them or not to enter our physical energetic environment.

Our feet chakras are also the centers of detoxification since energy travels from upper chakras to our lower chakras and then into the earth where the energy is being recycled. Like our hand chakras, our feet chakras are also very expressive and receptive. The foot chakra does not have a specific color but they usually present themselves in tones of earth colors (brown and the like, with reddish hues – since they are directly connected with the energy of our first chakra).

When our foot chakra is working properly, we will feel confident and secure. If you want your foot chakra to be healthy then try and get it out more! You can walk on natural ground with your barefoot as long as you can, feel the ground against your feet. Walking is not as important as standing, but standing on concrete doesnt count – you need to feel the grass between your toes. You can find a park, a grassy knoll or a golf course to do this.

Other simple tips to activate and energize your foot chakra is to look at your feet for a few moments whenever you walk, sit or standing and imagine that the chakra wheel beneath them is opening and connecting to the Mother Earth.



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