Aura - Characteristics and Personality

Every living beings is surrounded by an atmosphere – this atmosphere is known as aura, belonging only to them. Auras contain many different colors and these colors are not always permanent, they change constantly. Your mood, what you are experiencing in life as well as what you are doing will determine the colors of the aura at any given time.

The aura colors pattern is dependent upon someone’s physical, spiritual, emotional and chemical state. Within each color, there are also many different tones and shades. Each unique shade communicates a different meaning. Different tones of the same color communicate different meanings. Bright and soft colors reflect positive state of mind whereas dull, dark and murky shades usually means negative condition.

The colors are classified broadly as positive colors (clean colors) and negative colors (dirty colors). The color of rainbow, violet, indigo, green, blue, orange, red and yellow are considered as clean colors, while brown, black and gray are considered dirty. The purest color of an aura is white. Other colors include lavender, turquoise, purple, pink, aqua, magenta, sulfur, golden, etc. The colors of your aura can also be affected by the energies of other people, and having someone else’s energy in your aura can create many problems including health problems, confusion and inner unrest.

Aura Colors and Meanings

aura colors meanings

Regarded as the most sensitive and wisest of colors. It implies psychic, magical and artistic abilities. It may also means that one is in complete harmony or comfortable with oneself. These aura colors are usually found around the head.

Quite similar to a clear blue aura, this color symbolizes sensitivity and intuition and is related to the third eye. Those who have this aura are able to ‘see’ into the future. Purple, violet and indigo are spiritual colors, they are associated with the third eye chakra.

If your aura is blue, you are a calm and peaceful person. You are also reliable, warmhearted, good talker as well as good listener. Those who radiate a blue aura are known to be very intuitive and like to help others. These people are very caring, supportive and more concerned about others. To them, love, god and spirituality are very important. However, blue aura people often have problems setting boundaries or saying no and many of them are not very ambitious or goal-oriented.

aura personality and characteristicsThis aura color symbolizes growth, renewal, balance and change. Those who emit a green aura is someone who love nature and is a very social person. To them, relationships and friends are very important and many of them do love animals. Green is also the color of healing – many psychologists or doctors have green in their aura. These people also have calm and balancing effect on others.

A person who emits a yellow aura is someone who is cheerful, optimistic and happy person. It is also the color of awakening, intelligence, and inspiration. These people have the ability to brighten the lives of those aruond them. They are usually playful, humorous, fun loving and somewhat childlike.

This color aura symbolizes good health, vitality and excitement. Those who possess this aura usually have plenty of energy, productive and adventurous. These people are also creative, sociable, extroverts and are willing to take risks. Orange may also indicate sexual passion or ambition.

A red aura person is powerful, passionate, competitive and sexually charged. It represents passion, courage, strength and physical activity. Most children have bright red auras – especially males.

A black aura pulls or draws energy to it and converts it in the process. Someone who emits a black aura is someone who has not let go or forgiven past mistakes by him/herself or others. Many people think this is the color of death but it indicates health problem (when seen in the specific body parts), grief and vengeance.

This indicates abundance of energy that has not been tapped yet. It is believed that angels are nearby when white sparkles or flashes of white light are seen. Someone with this color aura is said to have angelic qualities, honest, pure and spiritual. These people tend to be introverted, withdrawn and quiet.


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